Pillars of Typo.

Highest Quality.

We at Typo enjoy the satisfaction of working with things of high value. This ranges from everything we supply in our coffee shop, the machinery we use to the beans we source.

We only source single origin coffees from ethical sources. We guarantee a minimum cupping score of 84 for all of our coffees.

Unmatched Value.

We want to build long-term, trusting, win-win relationships with our partners. We do this through charging the least amount possible for our products rather than the highest amount possible.

Through our lean operations and lower margins, we aim to build a sustainable business that supports coffee shops all around Ireland.


Rather than supplying to coffee shops, we want to feel like a partner to them. By working with us, we will connect you to our supplier network to arrange the best prices across all things coffee.

We provide assistance with taste, speed, workflow, suppliers and whatever else we can, whenever we can.

Cost Saving Analysis

Annual Coffee Spend: €18,720.00

Typo Price per kg: €14.50

Annual Spend with Typo: €15080.00

% savings: 19.44%

Annual Savings: €3640.00

5 Year Savings: €18200.00